Gorilla Guide Q&A:
Expert Answers to IT’s Most Interesting Questions

Cloud Networking Q&A Show ft. Alkira

0:00:00 – Introduction to the show
0:03:32 – How has cloud computing changed networking?
0:13:07 – How does the change in IT architecture for the cloud change associated networking services?
0:20:15 – Cloud networking also changes the security equation. What’s the impact?
0:27:46 – How do you integrate existing networks with cloud networks?

Proactive IT Q&A with Runecast’s Kev Johnson

πŸ•‘ 0:00:00 – James introduces his guest, Kev Johnson of Runecast
πŸ•‘ 0:01:32 – Is proactive IT really just a pipe dream?
πŸ•‘ 0:02:50 – What practical steps need to be taken to achieve proactive IT?
πŸ•‘ 0:05:36 – What are some examples of issues we can anticipate ahead of time with the right knowledge?
πŸ•‘ 0:08:03 Is there an easier way to check the HCL (hardware compatibility list) for issues?
πŸ•‘ 0:14:02 – How do smaller IT teams properly check for security and compliance?
πŸ•‘ 0:19:24 – How does using Runecast compare with deploying and running other reporting software?
πŸ•‘ 0:21:11 – What benefits do you get from employing best practices, or is it just avoiding negatives?
πŸ•‘ 0:24:38 – How often is checking against best practices recommended?
πŸ•‘ 0:26:52 – What problems do organizations have with managing their hybrid cloud environments?
πŸ•‘ 0:28:21 – How much different is it for a team used to managing an on-premises vSphere environment to apply things like best practices to an AWS setup?

Data Protection for Modern Apps with Kasten’s Niraj Tolia

πŸ•‘ 0:00:00 – Intros and discussion about modern data protection
πŸ•‘ 0:02:30 – The changing face of infrastructure and application architecture
πŸ•‘ 0:09:03 – Discussion of the state of data protection in 2020 and what’s different about protecting modern applications
πŸ•‘ 0:17:41 – Questions about disaster recovery, especially when recovering cloud-native applications
πŸ•‘ 0:21:42 – An honest look at the future of IT jobs. Good news!
πŸ•‘ 0:26:17 – With so many things changing, what is NOT going to change? What fundamentals will stay the same?
πŸ•‘ 0:31:10 – Do we need yet another abstraction layer above or around containers?

Next-Gen Data Protection Q&A with HYCU’s Subbiah Sundaram

πŸ•‘ 00:00 – Intros and background
πŸ•‘ 01:26 – What is a data silo and why are we trying to avoid them?
πŸ•‘ 03:12 – Why does data protection architecture tend to create silos?
πŸ•‘ 04:51 – Why is it hard to back up filesystems and what is the innovation Changed File Tracking all about?
πŸ•‘ 08:46 – How to you create a fully agentless backup system?
πŸ•‘ 11:35 – Can you protect physical servers without agents?
πŸ•‘ 12:33 – How can you β€œguarantee” application consistency?
πŸ•‘ 14:50 – What kind of RTOs are attainable today? How do you recover faster?
πŸ•‘ 17:12 – How does a business recover from ransomware? How does having a good data protection platform help?
πŸ•‘ 19:17 – Does HYCU as a data protection platform also help with disaster recovery?
πŸ•‘ 21:06 – How does one deal with the nuances across multiple clouds? How can HYCU help there?
πŸ•‘ 23:41 – Do you see customers using HYCU to enable application mobility, especially across clouds?
πŸ•‘ 25:24 – Where is a HYCU customer’s backup data stored?
πŸ•‘ 27:18 – Is the backup data encrypted in flight and at rest?
πŸ•‘ 28:19 – Tell me about HYCU’s integration with F5 ADCs.

Cloud Storage Q&A with NetApp and Cloud Expert Jeff Dickey

πŸ•‘ 0:00:00 – Show start
πŸ•‘ 0:00:06 – James practices for a future career in miming by forgetting to unmute himself
πŸ•‘ 0:01:49 – The are SO many cloud options out there it makes my head spin. Comments?
πŸ•‘ 0:03:50 – How could I begin narrowing down my list of cloud options to a manageable shortlist?
πŸ•‘ 0:05:27 – How hard is migrating data to the cloud today?
πŸ•‘ 0:07:35 – How is NetApp harnessing the cloud to build and offer even more cloud products?
πŸ•‘ 0:09:56 – Does using cloud storage require any sort of complementary on-premises storage?
πŸ•‘ 0:11:15 – Is cloud storage more or less expensive than on-prem storage?
πŸ•‘ 0:13:13 – What are your best tips for optimizing storage costs in the cloud?
πŸ•‘ 0:15:15 – Why did NetApp acquire Spot and what value does that bring customers?
πŸ•‘ 0:17:53 – What does the support experience for cloud storage look like compared to on-prem storage?
πŸ•‘ 0:19:48 – Moving to the cloud feels like giving up control in some cases. Should that scare me?
πŸ•‘ 0:22:06 – I run some applications that require insane storage performance. Can cloud storage keep up?
πŸ•‘ 0:23:56 – How do I choose between native storage offerings (from AWS/GCP/Azure) and a third party offering like NetApp’s?
πŸ•‘ 0:26:00 – How much does a third party’s level of integration with the cloud provider matter?
πŸ•‘ 0:27:28 – What does NetApp do to secure my data in the cloud?
πŸ•‘ 0:29:30 – How are backups in the cloud protected? Is cloud backup better/worse than sending tapes to the mountain?
πŸ•‘ 0:31:25 – What’s on the horizon for cloud storage? What are you excited about for 2021?

Cloud Automation Q&A with Expert Jesse St. Laurent

πŸ•‘ 00:46 What is cloud automation?
πŸ•‘ 2:35 How is infrastructure as code different from configuration management?
πŸ•‘ 3:30 Is infrastructure as code different than just scripting?
πŸ•‘ 4:56 Who is involved in deploying cloud automation projects?
πŸ•‘ 7:01 Is it worth the effort to implement infrastructure as code?
πŸ•‘ 8:30 What is the holy grail of infrastructure as code?
πŸ•‘ 9:50 How does it change from Day 1 to Day 2?
πŸ•‘ 11:50 What blocks will organizations run into?
πŸ•‘ 13:22 What kind of governance challenges are enterprises running into?
πŸ•‘ 15:14 Is cloud automation adherence manageable?
πŸ•‘ 17:02 What tools or workflow components are required to operationalize infrastructure as code?
πŸ•‘ 19:15 How practical is it that the average enterprise look at this as a solution?
πŸ•‘ 20:20 Where do organizations start?
πŸ•‘ 22:48 Do you need to be a developer to play a role?
πŸ•‘ 23:58 Is there a level of coding proficiency that would be the baseline?
πŸ•‘ 25:02 What is Tuono doing with infrastructure as code?

End User Computing & VDI Q&A with Expert James D. Green

πŸ•‘ Why do most organizations consider deploying VDI?
πŸ•’ What are the management benefits?
πŸ•“ How to extend the life of your existing desktops and laptops
πŸ•” Can VDI work with graphic-intensive applications?
πŸ•• What end points can be used? iPads? iPhones?
πŸ•– Will your end users have a crappy desktop experience?
πŸ•— Can my users run multiple monitors?
πŸ•˜ How does local printing work in a VDI environment?
πŸ•™ Video conferencing and screensharing?
πŸ•š What about users who are completely offline for periods of time?
πŸ•› Desktop-as-a-Service alternatives
πŸ•œ How much time can I save using AWS options for deploying virtual desktops?
πŸ• An online tool for planning and sizing your VDI deployment
πŸ•ž Availability considerations and advantages
πŸ•Ÿ How can you effectively monitor your VDI environment?
πŸ•  Workload differences between desktops and servers- what you need to know during planning
πŸ•‘ QOS for important users and tasks?

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