Gorilla Guide Q&A:
Expert Answers to IT’s Most Interesting Questions

Cloud Automation Q&A with Expert Jesse St. Laurent

🕑 00:46 What is cloud automation?
🕑 2:35 How is infrastructure as code different from configuration management?
🕑 3:30 Is infrastructure as code different than just scripting?
🕑 4:56 Who is involved in deploying cloud automation projects?
🕑 7:01 Is it worth the effort to implement infrastructure as code?
🕑 8:30 What is the holy grail of infrastructure as code?
🕑 9:50 How does it change from Day 1 to Day 2?
🕑 11:50 What blocks will organizations run into?
🕑 13:22 What kind of governance challenges are enterprises running into?
🕑 15:14 Is cloud automation adherence manageable?
🕑 17:02 What tools or workflow components are required to operationalize infrastructure as code?
🕑 19:15 How practical is it that the average enterprise look at this as a solution?
🕑 20:20 Where do organizations start?
🕑 22:48 Do you need to be a developer to play a role?
🕑 23:58 Is there a level of coding proficiency that would be the baseline?
🕑 25:02 What is Tuono doing with infrastructure as code?

End User Computing & VDI Q&A with Expert James D. Green

🕑 Why do most organizations consider deploying VDI?
🕒 What are the management benefits?
🕓 How to extend the life of your existing desktops and laptops
🕔 Can VDI work with graphic-intensive applications?
🕕 What end points can be used? iPads? iPhones?
🕖 Will your end users have a crappy desktop experience?
🕗 Can my users run multiple monitors?
🕘 How does local printing work in a VDI environment?
🕙 Video conferencing and screensharing?
🕚 What about users who are completely offline for periods of time?
🕛 Desktop-as-a-Service alternatives
🕜 How much time can I save using AWS options for deploying virtual desktops?
🕝 An online tool for planning and sizing your VDI deployment
🕞 Availability considerations and advantages
🕟 How can you effectively monitor your VDI environment?
🕠 Workload differences between desktops and servers- what you need to know during planning
🕡 QOS for important users and tasks?

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