The Gorilla Guide To... Enterprise Security Fundamentals

Enterprise Security Fundamentals

By Trevor Pott

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  1. The Gorilla Guide To... Maximizing VMware vRealize Operations 7.5

    Maximizing VMware vRealize Operations 7.5

    IT professionals around the world trust VMware’s vRealize Operations (vROps) for vSphere management, but not everyone maximizes the power that vROps can provide. This Gorilla Guide explains the tips and tricks that help you get the most out of it!

  2. Hybrid Cloud with Hitachi Vantara and VMware

    Why organizations are moving to the hybrid cloud model, the ways hybrid clouds introduce more complexity, and how Hitachi and VMware combine to solve these challenges.

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  3. Kubernetes in the Enterprise

    Why the industry has embraced containers, the keys to smoothing your Kubernetes on-ramp and how managed Kupernetes provides the optimal experience.

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  4. Hyperconverged Infrastructure Foundations: Silverback Edition

    An overview of HCI architecture, top tips for managing HCI and best practices for performance and sizing.

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  5. Taking Data to the Edge

    Customer stories from the field, including edge deployments for smart cities, sports and video, and healthcare

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  6. The Gorilla Guide To... Oracle Licensing

    Oracle Licensing

    How Oracle spreads fear, uncertainty and doubt. 7 ways you may trigger an Oracle audit and the importance of having a licensing partner.

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  7. The Gorilla Guide To... Modern Backup and Recovery

    Modern Backup and Recovery

    Understand why legacy backup is not good enough anymore and how you can learn from real-life backup success stories.

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  8. Rapid Restores with Flash & Cloud

    The changing face of data protection, the real value of cloud-enabled backup and restore, and why flash-to-flash-to-cloud is a better way to protect data.

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  9. Converged Disaster Recovery & Backup

    Why your old method of DR and backup will not cut it anymore, and how you can achieve true IT resilience.

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  10. The Gorilla Guide To... The Fundamentals of Hyperconverged Infrastructure

    The Fundamentals of Hyperconverged Infrastructure

    Hyperconvergence has come a long way over the past couple of years. Plenty of IT organizations these days are running their primary, business-critical workloads on hyperconverged infrastructure and enjoying the simplicity, granular scalability, and cloud-like economics that this architecture offers.

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  11. Converged Infrastructure

    Discover the Power of Converged Infrastructure and learn how Converged and Hyperconverged Infrastructure compare and contrast.

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  12. Moving Beyond Disaster Recovery to Achieve IT Resilience

    As businesses undertake a journey of digital transformation, their data becomes even more valuable than it was before such efforts, and requires more comprehensive levels of protection from outages.

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  13. The Gorilla Guide To... Tier 1 HCI With Built-in Backup

    Tier 1 HCI With Built-in Backup

    Throughout the course of this Gorilla Guide, you’ll learn how infrastructure became so convoluted, and the possible remedies. You’ll also be introduced to one vendor that offers a different take on this, a company that stands out in a sea of sameness.

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  14. Storage Designs for Big Data and Real-Time Analytics

    Yesterday’s spinning storage devices, while able to support vast quantities of data, are inadequate when it comes to the performance requirements for Big Data applications. In this book, you will learn how new storage systems are designed to support exactly these needs.

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  15. Hyperconverged Secondary Storage

    Enterprises need a software-defined, hyperconverged platform to radically streamline backup and data protection, converge file and object services, quickly deliver test/dev instances, and provide analytic functions on a single, global data store.

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  16. Fully-Composable Software-Defined Private Cloud

    Everyone wants to have a premium experience when they access the application and services they depend on. Everyone wants some manner of control, ease of use, elegant simplicity and positive results when interacting with technology.

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  17. Linux Networking 101

    With far more flexibility, scalability and customization than traditional networking, Linux networking is the future of the modern data center. By unifying the stack on one language, you can increase the efficiency of your operations and networks exponentially — freeing up time for innovation.

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  18. Modern Storage Strategies for SQL Server

    Written by David Klee, Microsoft MVP and VMware vExpert, and James Green, VMware vExpert, this free ebook discusses how SQL Server and storage interact, complement each other, and potentially compete with each other. It is intended for DBAs and IT professionals who are interested in improving the performance and availability of their organization's SQL Server database.

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Gorilla Guides are intended to help lead you through the technology jungle. They bring clarity to what can be an obscure market or solution and help you understand how a solution works and, more importantly, how it fits into your IT organization. The Gorilla Guide is designed to be your companion as you make the journey into new technologies and as you work to take your IT organization into the future.

Every Gorilla Guide includes a series of accompanying callouts that help bring context to the overall discussion without distracting you from the topic at hand. If you’re unfamiliar with a particular concept, you can choose to read a callout to learn more, or you can skip over the callout and continue learning.

We know that IT pros are pressed for time, so we make the Gorilla Guides accessible and easy to read. While the overall book length may vary, each book is broken down into easily consumable sections. Part of the reason that the Guides are so accessible is that they are written and edited by industry experts with deep subject matter expertise. When an author really knows the material, that fact comes through loud and clear in the Guide.

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