Key Waypoints to Machine Learning Information Infrastructure

Rumor has it that machine learning and artificial intelligence will
save us all… But it’s not that simple. The data science world has been brewing for 60 years – is your information infrastructure up to the task?

Don’t believe the hype – data insights are ripe for the taking, but you need a plan, skills, and an infrastructure that won’t crumble under your ambitions.

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Managing Clouds and Containers

You’ve made the initial journey into the Cloud. Now what? The promise was that it would be cheap and easy (compared to legacy on-prem), but… you’ve probably stepped on some traps you didn’t spot until it was too late.

You can go from “Did we make a mistake to go cloud?” to “Superhero of the Cloud” if you take a look at the dangers of cloud laziness AND the opportunities of embracing the most modern cloud practices.

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Deploying Production-Grade Kubernetes

You can build Kubernetes clusters out of $50 Raspberry Pis to learn how to manage clusters (and your geek street cred is ++ as a result)…

But really, nothing like managing real-world containers in production to realize the challenges of unmanaged containers or Kubernetes at prod- Grade scale. And you don’t know what you don’t know… until you follow this map through the confusing forest of containers and K8s.

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Key Waypoints to Achieving IT Asset Management Success

Do you feel torn between maintaining the IT assets you already have vs. pursuing the next big project? Use ITAM to clean up your asset mess, clawback money wasted on old and duplicated solutions, and leap into the new world of digital transformation with full control and transparency.

Consider these five important concepts to get you headed down the right trail!

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