New Release: The Gorilla Guide to…® Skills, Success, and Surviving Cybersecurity

People with professional computer skills come at a premium in a networked world. Managers complain that they have to hire people with minimal training to design their web sites. Data scientists can practically name their price. But perhaps the most disturbing shortage in computer skills comes in cybersecurity.

Organizations desperately need experts to secure their computers, data, and networks. For a long time, they could wave their hand at computer breaches, which hurt their clients more than their own organizations. But governments have been tightening the nets around companies with poor security practices, and ransomware has rightly struck fear into every organization.

And yet the shortage of cybersecurity experts persists. Katherine Gorham, in The Gorilla Guide to…Skills, Success, and Surviving Cybersecurity, proposes a creative and promising approach to finding expertise: Don’t chase after the few certified experts. Instead, develop expertise from within. Gorham suggests how to look for people within our organization who thoroughly understand your technology and would be good candidates for cybersecurity training.

The path from system administrator to security expert is a long one, and choosing the right topics to study because cybersecurity is such a broad field is crucial (Figure 1). Gorham describes the kinds of skills that your organization needs to protect itself.

Gorham respects traditional markers of expertise, such as certificates. But her recommendations can expand your idea of what your security experts should know and how to train them.

Inside the Guide

Gorilla Guides make learning and discovery approachable and easy, taking the guesswork out of navigating complicated IT technologies. Written by an industry expert, and brought to you by SimSpace, this resource is packed full of trusted information about developing cybersecurity experts!

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  • Finding Expertise in a Tough Market
  • Where Would-Be Cybersecurity Experts Can Hone Their Skills
  • Personality Traits of a Good Security Expert


Table of Contents


Closing the Talent and Skills Gap

The Intersection of Workforce Readiness and Business

Improving Workforce Readiness

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About The Author

Katherine Gorham is a writer and editor with a focus on information security. She excels at information synthesis and understands how all the pieces of complex modern information systems fit together … and how they can be vulnerable to attack.

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