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  1. The Gorilla Guide® To… Ransomware Recovery

    The Gorilla Guide® To… Ransomware Recovery


    Ransomware attacks are proliferating in frequency and complexity, and can cause significant and lasting damage to businesses and organizations. When cyber disaster strikes, preparation is the key to recovering quickly…

  2. The Gorilla Guide® To… Kubernetes Native Application Mobility

    The Gorilla Guide® To… Kubernetes Native Application Mobility

    Kasten by Veeam

    Application mobility is an essential element of modern computing platforms. This guide provides key takeaways to keep in mind as you consider the role of application mobility in your organization. Highlights…

  3. The Gorilla Guide® To… Hosted Private Clouds

    The Gorilla Guide® To… Hosted Private Clouds

    US Signal

    Cloud services come in an increasingly wide variety today. Prospective customers have many options to weigh when considering which type is their best fit. Among these considerations should be if…

  4. The Gorilla Guide® To… A Secure SAP Platform

    The Gorilla Guide® To… A Secure SAP Platform


    This Gorilla Guide® To… SAP Security is designed to help you understand the risks to SAP production environments and the factors that must be considered when securing SAP systems. The…

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Gorilla Guides are short, highly consumable books intended to help lead you through the IT technology jungle.

Developed by the expert IT trail guides at ActualTech Media, Gorilla Guides bring clarity to important and trending enterprise technologies solutions. These highly popular guides help you understand how these solutions work and, more importantly, how they may fit into your IT organization.

Gorilla Guides are designed to be your constant companion as you make the journey into new technologies and take your IT organization into the future!


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