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Webinar Promotion Tactics to Boost Your Marketing That May Surprise You

Webinars are taking the digital marketing world by storm—they’ve become a primary way for B2B brands to generate leads and educate audiences about their products and services.

The thing is, as webinars get more popular, the market gets more competitive for buyers’ time.

How can you make your webinars stand out in the crowd? You need to think more innovatively while also taking a more comprehensive approach to webinar promotion—doing it before, during, and after your event.

In this complete guide, we’ll dive deep into 15 webinar promotion ideas to help you effectively market your events from start to finish, drive more interest, increase attendance, and maximize ROI in the forms of new leads and (ultimately) converted sales.

Before the Webinar

  • Nail your registration landing page: Your webinar landing page should be your event hub, and serve as a one-stop shop for all the important details of your event. All other promotion materials should link to your landing page.
  • Write compelling webinar emails: Emails remain one of the most preferred ways for interested audiences to communicate with brands. You can make yours effective by segmenting lists by target audience, customizing messaging, designing them well, and including prominent CTAs to register.
  • Create promo content: You can set the stage for a successful pre-event promotion period and elevate the consistency of your brand messaging with a proactively created suite of webinar promotion assets—such as banner images, social media graphics, email templates, and webpage templates.
  • Grab attention with popups: Popups can be utilized (without being intrusive to your audience) by making them intent-based, appearing when users leave your landing page without registering or visit a page that contains related content. Popups should be even more concise than emails or landing pages, with a more singular focus on driving registrations.
  • Promote on social media: Learning about new products and services is the No. 1 reason buyers follow brands on social media; other reasons include to be educated or entertained, to communicate with brands, and to connect with other professionals—all opportunities webinars can offer.
  • Have a reminder schedule: People are busy, and it’s likely they may forget to attend your webinar if you don’t remind them. Prevent this by setting automated email reminders, sending calendar appointments, and/or making it easy for registrants to add your event to their own calendars.

During the Webinar

  • Set the stage with a clear agenda: The majority of professionals say they’ve left a webinar early, and much of the time it’s due to unclear value or direction. Kick your event off with a clear agenda that emphasizes how attendees will get ROI from the time they spend there.
  • Make it interactive: Remember that connecting with new people is one of the top reasons people attend webinars. Your attendees will be even more engaged when they can actively participate with activities like poll questions, live chat, and Q&A sessions with your webinar speakers.
  • Promote future webinar events: Capitalize on attendees enjoying your webinar in the moment by promoting additional upcoming events you’re hosting, whether in the same webinar series or on separate standalone topics.

After the Webinar

  • Be quick about follow up: Follow up within 24 hours after your webinar to thank attendees and close the loop on follow-up messaging you want to share with attendees. Make these messages personalized, well-designed, and straight to the point, with CTAs that stand out.
  • Reach out to no-shows: Re-engage interested registrants who didn’t actually attend the event by sending them the webinar recording and compelling CTAs to move them forward.
  • Conduct a feedback survey: Sending a survey to your webinar attendees (including it in your event follow-up is a best practice) gives you data you can use to continually make your events better.

Need examples to inspire you?

Our complete guide on webinar promotion ideas includes more on the above strategies, plus examples from real brands doing them right.

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