Maximizing Uptime in an Always-on World High Availability for Business-Critical Applications

In today’s highly competitive, always-on global economy, downtime has become more costly than ever before for modern businesses. In addition to lost productivity and revenue, organizations risk losing customers when their business-critical systems, databases, and applications aren’t available to deliver a reliable and superior customer experience. Additionally, more organizations are deploying their mission-critical workloads across multiple public cloud providers. For distributed systems, such as databases and directory services, multi-cloud disaster recovery can be far more challenging.

This guide from SIOS explains the complexity of achieving high availability in business-critical applications and how to address high availability and disaster recovery in multi-cloud environments.

Highlights include:

  • High availability basics and design principles, clustering and availability group concepts, and application and database clustering challenges
  • High availability use cases in financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, and education
  • How multi-cloud environments and strategies have evolved and become widely adopted and the unique challenges organizations face with multi-cloud
High Availability for Business-Critical Applications

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