The Gorilla Guide To…® (Express Edition) Kubernetes Operations

In their historic shift to Kubernetes-managed containers, microservices, and cloud computing, many businesses neglect to examine the infrastructure on which they run everything. They may move into one or more cloud environments and expand to the point where monitoring and continued scaling become difficult.

This guide reveals three elements of robust container-based applications—observability, service meshes, and edge computing—and how Platform9 Managed Kubernetes enables and manages these critical capabilities for your cloud-native projects. Learn how an independent monitoring solution such as Platform9 Managed Kubernetes helps you avoid lock-in while enabling rapid updates across your range of systems.

Highlights include:

  • The risks and difficulties of depending on a single cloud vendor for management and monitoring
  • How to integrate metrics into both container management and your business strategy
  • The importance of standardizing on a service mesh architecture, and common tools for managing it
  • A modern solution to faster network response times: edge computing
  • Profiles are the Platform9 Managed Kubernetes solution to automation and robust container management


The Gorilla Guide To…® (Express Edition) Kubernetes Operations

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