New Release: The Gorilla Guide® To… VMware Aria Operations for Networks

Long before the modern era of cloud computing such as Amazon Web Service, VMware was offering virtual environments and tools to visualize and manage them. It is no surprise that the company now offers a comprehensive suite of tools, VMware Aria Operations for Networks, to visualize and manage your cloud and multi-cloud environments.

Modern networks and cloud environments are not only complex but constantly shifting. They are complex because they contain multiple layers of routers and hosts. They are constantly shifting because hardware fails and because modern cloud deployments feature microservices that scale up or down with need.

Subdividing a hardware network for security, a practice known as micro-segmentation, introduces more difficulties because the security of each segment has to be set individually. VMware Aria Operations for Networks lets you define firewall rules and have them applied automatically to the right systems.

This guide shows the many facets and features of VMware Aria Operations for Networks to provide high-level, actionable data about each element of the network. You can search for any type of entity or asset, from the hardware to the running application, and filter the stypes of entities displayed. Through machine learning, VMware Aria Operations for Networks can determine what services are running in virtual machines.

By providing up-to-date views of entities at many levels, VMware Aria Operations for Networks can help you find performance problems and recover from failures more quickly. One of the useful visualizations offered is the donut (Figure 1), which lets you see relationships between entities at the level you choose.


Figure 1: Drilling down on traffic between two VLANs

This guide also shows how VMware HCX3 helps you migrate applications without losing the important information that makes them work together, and how VMware Aria Operations for Networks works together with outside services to bring even more information into its dashboards.

Inside the Guide

Gorilla Guides make learning and discovery approachable and easy, and they take the guesswork out of navigating complicated IT technologies. Written by an industry expert, and brought to you by ServiceNow, this resource is packed full of trusted information about managing assets in the cloud!

Download the book and learn all about:

  • Challenges of Micro-Segmentation
  • Powerful Capabilities for Filtering Network Information
  • How To Base Security Policies on Data

Table of Contents

Introduction: Clouds Make It Harder To See

Chapter 1: Hybrid Cloud Complexity

  • Current Networking Challenges
  • VMware Aria Operations for Networks

Chapter 2: Gaining Application Visibility

  • Application Discovery and Visibility
  • Dependency Mapping
  • Plan for Micro-Segmentation
  • The Donut Deep Dive
  • Automatically Generated Firewall Rules
  • In Search Of …
  • Entities and Projections
  • Audit Trails

Chapter 3: Cloud Migration

  • Plan for Cloud Migration
  • Lower Operational Risks
  • VMware Aria Operations for Networks and HCX

Chapter 4: Day-to-Day Operations

  • Troubleshoot and Optimize Performance
  • Tackling Virtual and Physical Network Bottlenecks
  • Manage Network Configuration and Health
  • Assurance and Verification
  • Monitoring Public Clouds
  • Managing Cloud Security
  • Kubernetes
  • Mission Control for Mission-Critical Network Visibility

About The Author

Joep Piscaer is a seasoned IT professional, with 10-plus years experience as a CTO, head of IaaS and infrastructure, (enterprise) architect, and technical consultant. His specialization is in infrastructure, cloud, and way-of-work (DevOp, Infrastructure-as-Code). He has built Infrastructure-as-Code toolchains, IaaS platforms, transformed (infrastructure-focused) organizations to DevOps and Infrastructure-as-Code ways of work.

About VMware

VMware Aria Operations™️ for Networks is VMware’s solution for end-to-end network visibility, troubleshooting, and predictive analytics. VMware Aria Operations for Networks supports use cases across the Software Defined Data Center, VMware NSX, VMware Cloud on AWS, Azure, AWS, and Kubernetes. VMware Aria Operations for Networks is a tool that can troubleshoot applications down to traffic flows and the network stack. VMware Aria Operations for Networks analytics capabilities minimizes risk during application migrations, optimizes network performance, and confidently manages the scaling of NSX deployments. VMware Aria Operations™️ for Networks Universal can be deployed as a SaaS or deployed on-premises with the option to move to SaaS later during the subscription which makes the solution easy to use and operate to run applications better. The VMware Aria Operations™️ for Networks Assurance and Verification creates a digital twin and models the network to maximize uptime and validates that business intents are compliant in the network.

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