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New Release: The Gorilla Guide® To... Ransomware for Corporations, Express Edition!

Why is ransomware increasingly prevalent, and why do so many businesses fall victim? It turns out that ransomware criminals, like businesses everywhere, love online services. A huge range of underground organizations take the most pernicious and powerful attacks and package them in easily consumable form. Hence, ransomware evolves quickly. And like a virus, ransomware comes to recognize the measures that victims take to ward it off, and evolves to overwhelm the defenses.

But there is no room for throwing up one’s hands in despair. Katherine Gorham’s Gorilla Guide® To… Ransomware for Corporations, Express Edition steps you through the complex world of ransomware and helps you plan a defense. The plan must pull together dozens of people in different parts of your organization, as well as allies such as law enforcement.

Gorham explains the motives behind ransomware (which are not just financial), how people who design and launch attacks are organized (Figure 1), and common ways of gaining unauthorized access to your systems. She lays out the dilemmas in defending against ransomware, such as the mixed impact of cyber insurance and the difficulty of patching software. Finally, she offers a comprehensive blueprint for preparing and handling this scourge.

Inside the Guide

Gorilla Guides make learning and discovery approachable and easy, and they take the guesswork out of navigating complicated IT technologies. Written by an industry expert and sponsored by CrowdStrike, this resource is packed full of trusted information on defending your enterprise against ransomware attacks.

Learn about:

  • The Complex Elements of Ransomware
  • Stages of Preparing a Defense
  • Useful Resources to Learn More and Prepare

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: The Crime That Keeps Changing

  • A Short History of Ransomware
  • When It’s Not Just About the Money
  • Know Your Enemy

Chapter 2: The World of Cybercrime

  • Getting Into Your Network
  • The Patching Dilemma
  • Moving Laterally
  • The Rise of Big Game Hunting

Chapter 3: Why Crime as a Service?

  • The Exploit Market

Chapter 4: The Ransom Dilemma

  • Plan for the Worst
  • Don’t Go It Alone

Chapter 5: Defending Yourself Against Ransomware

  • Defense in Depth
  • Get Help
  • Gain Intelligence About the Threats

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About the Author

Katherine Gorham is a veteran IT writer and editor with a long-time focus on information security.

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