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New Release: The Gorilla Guide to…® Citizen Development with ServiceNow® App Engine!

Citizen developers are people who know their area of training and know what their organization needs, but aren’t professional coders or system architects. The computer revolution actually took power out of the hands of these people. True, they no longer had to scribble formulas in pencil or fumble with slide rules, but they did have to wait for the gatekeepers of programming to take their ideas and translate them into inscrutable applications. Each new idea became a headache, while the time it took for programmers to alter the application became a bottleneck.

Low-code and no-code environments have emerged to eliminate these bottlenecks. Well-designed environments are easier to learn and use than classic spreadsheet macros, and more flexible.

Peter Vogel, in his succinct and focused guide, Citizen Development with ServiceNow® App Engine, offers a way to think about citizen developers and get them involved. He cites many potential benefits of fostering citizen developers, but points out that the organization has determine its goals before starting (Figure 1). Governance is part of a citizen development program, just like any other initiative your organization takes seriously. Not every application should be entrusted to non-professional programmers to build.

Then it’s a matter of finding the “technically curious,” bringing them into your program—and recognizing their achievements.

Inside the Guide

Gorilla Guides make learning and discovery approachable and easy, and take the guesswork out of navigating complicated IT technologies. Written by an industry expert and sponsored by ServiceNow, this resource is packed full of trusted information on creating a citizen developer program.

Learn about:

  • The Cycle of Recruiting, Training, and Celebrating Citizen Developers
  • Building Partnerships and Trust
  • Available Tools to Help
  • Success Stories

Table of Contents


Fostering Citizen Developers

Supporting Citizen Developers

Governing the Process

Your Future with Citizen Development

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About the Author

In addition to being a technical writer, Peter Vogel is a system architect and principal in PH&V Information Services with more than 40 years’ experience in software development, ranging from UX design through object modeling to database design.

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