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How To Hire a Cybersecurity Marketing Agency

Your guide to outsourcing cybersecurity marketing and choosing the agency that’s right for you.

As a cybersecurity professional, you’re probably used to being the expert in the room. While most business professionals know how critical cybersecurity is to their organizations, they don’t actually understand it themselves.

So when it comes to outsourcing your lead-gen efforts to a cybersecurity marketing agency, you might be thinking:

  • Should we really do this?
  • Are there marketing agencies that really know cybersecurity?
  • Can an agency represent our brand authentically?
  • Will the end results be worth the financial investment?

The short answer? Yes. To all of the above.

In this guide, we’ll explore 10 key benefits that hiring a cybersecurity marketing agency can deliver for your business, and what to look for in an agency you can trust.

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10 Benefits of Hiring a Cybersecurity Marketing Agency

Target Audience Insight

Do you know your audience? If you haven’t explored it from a marketer’s perspective, you can’t be sure. A cybersecurity marketing agency can help you identify your best-fit customers based on how their demographic traits and business needs align with your solutions. Most will use two frameworks to do it:

  • Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs): Describe organizational traits like industry, company size, location, or budget
  • Buyer Personas: Describe the individual traits of decision makers within organizations, such as position title and level of experience

These frameworks help you take an informed approach to qualifying leads accurately and targeting the right audiences with your marketing efforts so your pipeline fills with prospects that are likely to convert.

Competitive Insight

One of the biggest benefits an agency delivers is competitive insight—research-based knowledge about your larger market landscape and how to move ahead of top competitors in your space. You can do this using SEO and content marketing, by adjusting your offerings to better compete with other providers, or by finding an underserved niche to fill.

Agencies have the right tools, expertise, and research processes to help you uncover these kinds of insights and develop a marketing strategy to maximize competitive opportunities.

Best Practices and Processes

When you hire an agency, you can expect ready-made processes and established best practices for executing your marketing strategy. Further, you can trust that the processes in place at an agency are proven to work, since they’re already being used with other clients. All you have to do is plug in your unique value proposition and business offerings to reach target buyers.


You’re the expert when it comes to cybersecurity—but a cybersecurity marketing agency has the expertise on how to successfully market to buyers in your industry. Even better, agencies usually have a wide range of expertise within their teams on all of the tactics you may want to include in your strategy—from SEO and email to social media and events (and more).

Automation and Technology

Automation and technology are essential for any good marketing strategy to be executed at scale. SEO research software, automated email marketing platforms, social media management platforms, and marketing KPI trackers are all status quo tools you can expect agencies to be using when you hire them.

Automation is also becoming a competitive imperative for most B2B providers—one that has benefits that extend far beyond speed and convenience. Marketers report important benefits from automation such as higher-quality leads, a better customer experience, and higher conversion rates.

Time and Cost Savings

Outsourcing, on average, saves businesses 15% or more compared to what they’d pay to execute similar business processes internally. At the same time, you’ll get back valuable time to focus on other mission-critical activities that help your business grow.

Consistent, High-Value Content

For content marketing to be effective, you need to publish new content multiple times per week (three to four times is ideal). When you consider that a single, quality blog post takes approximately three to four hours to write, you’re looking at the equivalent of a full-time position just to maintain an active blog.

A cybersecurity marketing agency both ensures your content is always optimized and can create it at the volume you need to gain visibility through important marketing channels.

Data-Driven Strategy

Marketing your business shouldn’t be a guessing game. You want your efforts to be informed and based on real, objective data. A cybersecurity marketing agency will uncover the data you need to make smart marketing decisions. They’ll know exactly how to find out things like:

  • What your target audience is already searching for
  • How you (and your competitors) already rank visibility-wise
  • Who visits your website and how they browse
  • How your marketing strategy is performing at any given time

Frequent Performance Reporting

Agencies prove their value to clients by delivering frequent data-driven performance reports to demonstrate the ROI of their work. This means you’ll always be in-the-know about how your strategy is working (or not) and you can make informed decisions and adjustments to maximize marketing results at all times.

Fresh Perspectives

There’s no doubt about it—you know your business better than anyone else. And while this is often an advantage, it can also create limitations when it comes to marketing. Agencies can bring you fresh perspectives that yield new marketing ideas, expanded creative capabilities, and a more objective sense of how your prospects and customers view you.

How To Find an Agency You Can Trust

The truth is that not every marketing agency—cybersecurity ones included—is equally fit for every client. There’s a reason many vendors exist for any given service, and it’s because different needs and preferences exist across any given customer base.

Some agencies will also naturally be more experienced and higher-performing than others. As the client, you’ll want to find the ones able to deliver the best results.

Some of the best indicators of a quality cybersecurity marketing agency are:

  • Quality Track Record: You can look for a record of success with past clients by reading case studies (published by the agency) and reviews on sites like G2—referrals are also one of the top ways B2B businesses find quality providers
  • Alignment: Not every agency is a great fit for every client. You want to look for a provider whose tools and technologies, processes, communication style, and culture fit with yours
  • Product/Service Fit: Compare offerings from your top options to find the agency whose solutions can best meet your marketing needs.
  • Gut Intuition: When you’re deciding between multiple quality options, choose the one you feel best about working with (after doing your due diligence)

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