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Finding a Webinar Marketing Agency that Helps You Win

A step-by-step guide on knowing when to outsource, choosing the right vendor, and making the most out of your agency partnership.

Webinars are now one of the top lead-gen tactics in the B2B world. In fact, more than half of B2B marketers (53%) say they’re the best way to generate high-quality top-of-the-funnel leads.

In other words: Your B2B brand needs a webinar strategy, and stat.

Enter: webinar agencies.

A webinar agency simplifies the process of launching a new webinar strategy by bundling services, providing expertise, handling technical execution steps, and giving you access to the vast network of potential leads you need to build an audience for your events.

In this step-by-step guide, we’ll help you decide whether it’s the right time to outsource, evaluate potential vendors, and make the most out of your agency partnership.

Webinar Agencies: What They Do, When to Hire One, and What to Look For

A webinar marketing agency bundles those many moving parts we mentioned above to provide end-to-end webinar strategy services—they handle everything from topic ideation to webinar promotion to webinar lead gen to attendee follow-up to content syndication (and much more).

And while many can see the objective value of a webinar agency, knowing whether to outsource is a common challenge for business leaders. Hiring an agency likely seems like a heavy expense— especially if you already have an internal marketing team in place.

But to generate leads at scale with webinars, you need more than just an event or two—you need a full-scale strategy. If you’re trying out webinar lead gen for the first time or you’ve tried before with limited success, hiring a webinar agency is probably the best option for you.

Here are 6 important things to look for in potential vendors:

  1. Detailed Product/Service Packages — These should be outlined on the agency’s website and in their communications with you.
  2. Proven Track Record — You can confirm this using review sites and case studies published by the agency themselves.
  3. Extensive Webinar Marketing Expertise — Agencies should have expertise on every fact of executing a webinar strategy.
  4. Webinar Examples — See their event quality firsthand by attending events or viewing recordings.
  5. Data-Driven Approaches — Ask questions about how the agency uses data and how they report on performance analytics.
  6. Communication Style and Culture — Ultimately, you need an agency that’s compatible with your marketing team. Make sure they have a team you’ll enjoy working with.

10 Wins a Webinar Marketing Agency can Deliver for You

Access to Larger Audiences

Agencies have wider networks that allow you to expand your reach when promoting your events. Not only will your events be better attended as a result, you’ll be able to build stronger brand awareness with your target audience.

High-Fit Leads (at Scale)

Webinar marketing agencies can help you quickly launch and scale your webinar lead generation strategy for faster time to value and bigger impact on revenue. For example—participating in just one ActualTech Media multi-vendor webinar guarantees that you’ll receive 200-1200+ leads!

They won’t be just any leads, either. A great webinar agency takes time to target, segment, and deliver you a list of leads likely to actually translate to closed deals for your business.

Competitive Positioning

Agency-hosted multi-vendor webinars allow you to take control of your competitive positioning by presenting alongside top competitors in your space. This allows buyers to see why they should choose you over other vendors and gets the best-fit buyers into your pipeline.

Turnkey Webinars

Video production is definitely not as complicated or expensive as it once was, but it does still require time and expertise that most internal marketing teams don’t have. When you work with a webinar agency, you’ll have access to turnkey-webinars ready to launch—in most cases, all you’ll have to do is show up.

Custom Webinar Content

In other scenarios, you may be looking to produce a webinar totally unique to your business. In these cases, webinar agencies can still help. The win is that they have the right tools, templates, and manpower to make the creation of custom webinars faster, easier, and more affordable.

Varied Webinar Format Options

Agencies work with many clients who have varied needs. In most cases, that means they execute a number of webinar formats (i.e. single presentations, panel discussions, demos, etc.). The ability to enhance your webinar strategy with multiple formats allows you to expand your reach to leads with different needs and at separate stages of the pipeline.

Seamless Event Execution

Webinar agencies seamlessly handle the technical aspects of running a webinar so you don’t even have to think about it, let alone worry about something going wrong. You’ll have access to the best tools and technologies, reliable audio/video equipment, quality connection testing, and experts who can run the show from start to finish.

Frequent Data Reporting + Analytics

Agencies take the raw data generated by your webinar marketing and execution tools, and turn it into real insights you can use to make decisions, convert leads, and improve your webinar strategy over time. At ActualTech Media, for example, we share Post-Event Action Reports (PEARs) that include lead reporting, performance analytics, and lead follow-up recommendations.

Content Syndication

Agencies have vast networks as well as automated tools, platforms, and processes to execute content syndication at scale so you can maximize ROI on your webinar assets.

Further, agencies can target syndicated content in sophisticated ways that helps you meet more than one goal with your strategy, including lead-gen, retargeting specific audiences, and boosting general brand awareness.

Pre- and Post-Event Strategy Support

One of the biggest wins you’ll earn from working with an agency is pre- and post-event strategy support that guarantees you get the absolute most from what you invest in your webinar events. From planning to promotion to execution and follow-up, a great agency will help you build an end-to-end strategy that’s fit for your business and helps you achieve your goals.

The ActualTech Media Advantage

ActualTech Media connects B2B tech marketers directly to capable, motivated audiences in hot-topic industry events that generate 200-1200+ high-fit leads for your business.

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