How EPS Can Help Your Broader Cybersecurity Strategy The Gorilla Guide® To… Practical Endpoint Privilege Security

Everyone knows identity security and endpoint security are critical to the bigger cybersecurity picture, but what’s often overlooked is the security hole that frequently forms between the two.

This guide explains how endpoint privilege security (EPS) fills the gap that opens wide when, for example, a user is given local administrative rights and thus complete and unhindered control of the corporate endpoint, inadvertently rendering them vulnerable to threats such as ransomware, credential theft, and any other type of cyber risk.

Highlights include:

  • How access-based security is a central foundation of EPS
  • The core principles that drive the practical application of EPS
  • How EPS can fit into your organization’s broader cybersecurity strategy
  • An introduction to CyberArk’s Endpoint Privilege Manager as a comprehensive EPS solution
The Gorilla Guide® To… Practical Endpoint Privilege Security

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