Distributed Kubernetes in Retail Environments with Platform9

The retail industry is by its nature distributed. Most companies have multiple stores—often thousands of stores. Those stores can be spread across a small geographic location or many states. This creates huge challenges for IT.

Kubernetes, however, has an answer. Kubernetes, the orchestration platform for containers, is made for distributed environments like retail. With containers and Kubernetes, the entire network of stores can be setup in a zero-touch manner—the old “plug n’ play” model really works!

Sound to good to be true? Listen to this episode of the “Inside the Guide” podcast, and you’ll see that it’s a reality, today. Platform9 CTO Peter Fray explains why in this illuminating discussion with James Green, the host and an ActualTech Media Partner.

They chat about why the old way of rolling out and supporting IT at retail locations just doesn’t cut it anymore, and go in depth on the reasons Kubernetes shines in this role.  

Key Highlights:

  • 03:13 —How are retailers improving the shopping experience with the cloud?
  • 05:40 — The cool things retailers are doing with new technology
  • 07:17 — The ways in which traditional retail infrastructure is hurting business
  • 10:08 — The increasing importance of centralized management for retailers
  • 15:55 — Why Kubernetes is a great solution for distributed retail operations
  • 21:24 — How Kubernetes impacts lifecycle management
  • 24:30 — Speed bumps on the journey to Kubernetes 
  • 29:57 — The secret to making Kubernetes easy (Yes, there is a way!)

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Guest: Peter Fray

Peter Fray is CTO at Platform9. With a unique blend of technical experience—from IaaS, networking, Kubernetes, databases, and more—Peter helps large enterprises successfully adopt cloud, containers, and modern technologies to accelerate application delivery and improve data center utilization.

About Platform9

Platform9 delivers the leading open source cloud frameworks—Kubernetes, Fission Serverless, and OpenStack—as a SaaS-managed service. Simply plug in your different environments to the Platform9 technology, and automatically bring your diverse infrastructure under centralized management. 

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James Green, host of Inside the Guide, is Partner and VP for Content at ActualTech Media where he is responsible for developing unique content offerings that help enterprise IT vendors accomplish their most critical content marketing objectives.

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