The Gorilla Guide to... Enterprise Security Fundamentals

Busy IT pros everywhere are can be overwhelmed by the seemingly unending list of potential entry points to secure, threat vectors to be aware of and 'human challenges' inherent in securing any environment.

BUT: All good IT security implementations have to start somewhere, and this Gorilla Guide is here to help!

We produced this Gorilla Guide to help IT pros get a handle on security once and for all.

This book breaks down complex security topics into approachable, friendly conversations that will leave the security-conscious IT pro feeling enlightened and prepared to have the all-important conversations about security that they’ve been meaning to have but never felt prepared for.

Inside This Guide

  • How to account for the human side of IT security
  • Explore modern security principles like microsegmentation
  • Examine the critical role of business processes in IT security
  • And much, much more – Download your copy now!
Enterprise Security Fundamentals

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