The Gorilla Guide® To… Protecting the Modern Enterprise

UncommonX offers unmatched enterprise-class cybersecurity protection as an extended detection and response (XDR) provider by combining adaptive threat and intelligence software with 24/7 industry experts, making it easy to constantly both map and fix root causes of security vulnerabilities. Taking a market-first inside-out approach to ongoing digital security risks through unique curated threat feeds and automated analytics, the UncommonX BOSS intelligent security platform provides clear contextual awareness to yield accelerated outcomes to mitigate and guard against threats.

Highlights include:

  • Works with your existing security tools to validate, prioritize, enrich, and correlate information for end-to-end awareness of related threat activity and improved threat prevention
  • Quickly and automatically creates an accurate inside-out view of all your IT systems, applications, services, and resources with a holistic, fact-based security solution
  • Helps security and IT executives put security into relevant business terms that your business leaders can understand
The Gorilla Guide® To… Protecting the Modern Enterprise

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