Gorilla Guide® (Foundation Edition): Edge Computing in 2021

2021 is an inflection point for edge computing, as 5G makes the IoT scalable, and the COVID-19 pandemic makes greater automation desirable.

Deploying at the edge of the network will require different infrastructures and approaches to the cloud. This raises several challenges for the IT organization, including how it will work with business units and operational technology teams, and how it will ensure the edge is secure.

This Gorilla Guide (Foundation Edition) surveys the trends in edge computing for 2021.

Highlights include:

  • The impact that COVID-19 will have on edge deployments, and the role that 5G will play
  • Delivery models for edge computing, available from a range of providers, including cloud service providers, telcos, and content delivery networks
  • The risks and challenges of edge computing, including the organizational, management, and security challenges the new infrastructure presents
Gorilla Guide® (Foundation Edition): Edge Computing in 2021

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