Integrating CI/CD With Your Database Deployments

Though many organizations have moved to agile deployment models and heavy use of DevOps practices, changes to databases have lagged behind the rapid deployment curve. Many organizations don’t even include database code in their source control process. It can be challenging to integrate your database changes into your CI/CD pipeline, but doing so has great benefits.

In this paper, you’ll learn the gritty details about how to integrate your changes into the process and how to manage rollbacks using CI/CD tools and techniques. You’ll learn about the importance of unit testing your database changes and techniques for dealing with potential errors and failures in your deployment process.

Highlights include:

  • What continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) is and what type of tooling can help you
  • How rolling back in the event of failure or errors is one of the more complex phases of database deployments
  • Finding the right tool to help you quickly and easily identify database performance issues so you can keep your application running well and allow you to deploy code with confidence
Integrating CI/CD With Your Database Deployments

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