Distributed Clouds and Kubernetes as a Service with Platform9

There’s simply no doubt anymore: the cloud is the future of IT. That future, from both the admin and developer side, is distributed, lightweight, and quick to respond. 

That also means that the future belongs to containers and Kubernetes, which enable all this super-cool technology. The third part of this special “Inside the Guide” podcast breaks all that down with Platform9 Co-Founder and CEO Sirish Raghuram.

Raghuram talks with ActualTech Media Partner James Green about the changing nature of business, and what’s necessary to keep up. That applies to more tradition-bound industries like telco and retail, which are just starting to dive fully into the distributed cloud. 

Management is the key to making sure this future is delivered smoothly. But what does that look like? And how is it done? Listen in for answers to these pressing questions.

Key Highlights:

  • 03:30 —Platform9’s core mission
  • 07:10 — The current state of applications and the enterprise
  • 13:35 — Can Kubernetes transform the industry in a way similar to virtualization?
  • 17:41 — What issues do bespoke Kubernetes implementations face?
  • 23:08 — What is a “distributed cloud,” and what does it look like?
  • 24:24 — How Kubernetes in the distributed cloud is impacting the telco and retail industries
  • 33:05 — The challenges of managing Kubernetes at enterprise scale
  • 36:24 — The advantages of Platform9’s SaaS-based Kubernetes offering, including having your own dedicated management plane
  • 37:00 — What does it mean to have a “dial tone” for Kubernetes?
  • 38:36 — A 10-year forecast for cloud and Kubernetes

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Guest: Sirish Raghuram

Sirish Raghuram is the co-founder and CEO of Platform9. Prior to founding Platform9, Sirish was an early engineer at VMware who went on to technical and management roles. His work at VMware led to several products, features, and patents.

About Platform9

Platform9 delivers the leading open source cloud frameworks—Kubernetes, Fission Serverless, and OpenStack—as a SaaS-managed service. Simply plug in your different environments to the Platform9 technology, and automatically bring your diverse infrastructure under centralized management. 

About ActualTech Media

James Green, host of Inside the Guide, is Partner and VP for Content at ActualTech Media where he is responsible for developing unique content offerings that help enterprise IT vendors accomplish their most critical content marketing objectives.

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