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Gorilla-Guide-To-TextHyperconverged Infrastructure Implementation Strategies

By Scott D. Lowe, vExpert

Uncover the “next steps” when it comes to hyperconverged infrastructure.  Rather than just focus on the general concepts behind hyperconvergence, this brand new Gorilla Guide™ delves into real world implementation strategies, use cases, and economic models.

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Learn how to swing on the hyperconverged infrastructure vine and tame your data center jungle!

gorilla-guide-idea-icon-final-art-webYou’ve learned about what hyperconverged infrastructure is and how it works.  Now it’s time to carefully evaluate it for consideration in your data center. Where do you start? What pitfalls might await you? Most importantly, how do you understand the potential impact?

That’s where The Gorilla Guide to Hyperconverged Infrastructure Implementation Strategies comes in. Take a walk through the hyperconverged infrastructure jungle and let us guide you to the vines of truth and help you avoid the quicksand that threatens your journey!

In this Gorilla Guide you’ll learn:

  • The key capabilities that make hyperconverged infrastructure today’s go-to architecture for the data center
  • How you can leverage the key use cases that are driving hyperconvergence
  • Ways this hot data center architecture can stretch your technology budget
  • The transformational opportunities that can be imposed on disaster recovery
  • How to overcome key perceived roadblocks on your way to hyperconvergence

Gorilla Guide Table of Contents

Section 1: Technical Overview

Chapter 1: Introduction to Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Chapter 2: Architecting the Hyperconverged Data Center

Chapter 3: Addressing Data Center Metrics Pain Points

Chapter 4: Ensuring Availability, Data Protection and Disaster Recovery

Chapter 5: Hyperconvergence and the Public Cloud

Section 2: Use Cases

Chapter 6: Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Chapter 7: Remote Office/Branch Office

Chapter 8: Tier 1/Dedicated Application Support

Chapter 9: Data Center Consolidation

Chapter 10: Test and Development Environments

Chapter 11: Aligning Architecture and Priorities

Section 3: Organizational Considerations


Chapter 12: Overcoming Inertia: Mitigating Hyperconvergence Perceived Challenges

Chapter 13: Hyperconvergence Economics: How It Impacts the IT Budget

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About the Author

Scott D. Lowe, vExpertscott-lowe

Scott Lowe is a vExpert and partner and Co-Founder of ActualTech Media. Scott has been in the IT field for close to twenty years and spent ten of those years in filling the CIO role for various organizations. Scott has written thousands of articles and blog postings and regularly contributes to www.EnterpriseStorageGuide.com & www.ActualTech.io.